Staging your home is all about helping potential buyers picture their furniture and family living in the home.  Things like bright paint and personal items all over the house not only distract the buyers, but also interferes with the ability for them to focus on the home.

In this featured video you will find many tips to help make your home stand out!


So now that you know a little about removing clutter, I want to talk a little about the exact opposite- removing everything from a home!

while at first you might think that removing everything out of a house to help sell it is the best solution, I am going to discuss why having the home furnished can actually help to accent your home

Lets take a look at a picture and take a moment to think about which one you would rather see if you were looking for a home:


  • Adding neutral furniture adds warmth, gives the room depth, and reduces echo!
  • It’s very hard to see your own furniture in the room if you don’t have something to compare it to.
  • Empty rooms bring out small flaws in the room that might otherwise go unnoticed like carpet wear, drywall uniformity, etc…
  • It makes the house feel like it has been lived in.  Empty homes feel like they have not been lived in for a long time.  


Now that we have gone over a few of the things you can do to stage your home I’m sure you are wondering about the costs involved in getting all this done.

Most of the changes you can do yourself, furniture can be rented at a low price (There are companies that actually rent furnishings  just for staging).  It is cheaper than renting at a local store because there is minimal furniture wear involved so they can place the items in your house at a lower price.   If you want to hire a staging professional the cost usually is recouped through the quick sale of your home at a higher price!  


Still looking for more information on staging your property?  Feel free to contact me  directly with any questions!